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Happy 5th Birthday Skype!

Just want to wish Skype a Happy 5th Birthday. Skype has helped make VoIP a household name and has carried more VoIP minutes than any other VoIP software application out there. Well done Skype. I hope you continue to...

Jangl & TalkPlus Spell VoIP Troubles Ahead?

Om over at GigaOm writes that Jangl was looking to sell itself earlier this week and is "headed towards an ignominious end" and adds that Talkplus "is going nowhere fast". I wrote a detailed write-up on TalkPlus, interviewing TalkPlus CEO...

FonCloud new Voice 2.0 app?

FōnCloud appears to be a new Voice 2.0 application in the works. Shai Berger, one of the founders of FōnCloud, happened to post a comment to my Proof is NOT in the Pudding post where I was very negative...

PhoneGnome wonders - Where's the Voice 2.0 developers?

David Beckemeyer, CEO and Founder of TelEvolution has an excellent rant wondering where the Voice 2.0 developeres are. David's company productes a very cool ATA-type device called the PhoneGnome that he has allowed developers to write apps for. David rants, "PhoneGnome...

TalkPlus Voice 2.0 app launches

TalkPlus, Inc. today is launching their unique mobile phone service that leverages VoIP, identity management, scheduling/contact rules, and other advanced business/personal processes that make your mobile experience more productive while enabling privacy controls. In fact, as I told Jeff Black,...
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