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Asterisk goes Big via Virtual Servers

According to NetworkWorld, "Digium, the business founded by Asterisk creator Mark Spencer to capitalize on his PBX, says it plans later this year to release a new version that will support much larger deployments. New Jersey-based service provider VoicePulse plans...

AsteriskNow Now Has 1-Click Features

As I reported a few weeks ago when AsteriskNOW was first released, Digium planned on adding auto-provisioning for Polycom IP phones as well as a BuyNOW link for buying Polycom phones directly from the admin interface. Bill Miller, the VP...

VoIP Providers Must Send 911 Fees To Pennsylvania

The news below could spell disaster for the VoIP broadband providers, including Vonage, Packet8, AT&T CallVantage, Broadvoice, SunRocket, Voicepulse, etc. Basically, this legislation states that monies collected already by the broadband VoIP providers must be turned over to the state...
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