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AOL BigDownload Indeed!

AOL has introduced its newest online gaming site,, moving to expand its niche audience and boost targeted ad revenue. The addition to AOL's smaller is a joint venture with Weblogs, an information-based Internet company. WIth 700 downloadable files, the site...

Weblogs Outage

I noticed Engadget was down, so I then checked other Weblogs blogs, including Ted Wallingford's VoIP Weblog and it too was having an outage. I then check BBHub, Russell Shaw's BlackBerry blog, and it too was down. Wow, I've NEVER...

Wow, AOL buying Weblogs, Inc

AOL is buying Weblogs, Inc. a popular blog hosting website that includes the ever-popular Engadget site. There is just something wrong about a huge behemoth buying blogs which are typically written by passionate, independent writers. Well, it could have worse,...
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