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AVG Anti-virus Free Edition displays Become Legal to force pirated users to pay up

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition now complains (as of 2 days ago) if it detects you have more than 1 machine at home running AVG Free Edition. It then displays a popup message with a hyperlink to 'become legal'. Clicking the...

Microsoft "Genuine Advantage" cracked

Microsoft "Genuine Advantage" was cracked in just 24 hours according to a 2005 Boing Boing article. The crack simply required adding some Javascript to your browser window. Before pressing 'Custom' or 'Express' buttons paste this text to the address bar...

Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) nag screen

One of my blog posts discussing Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) has a ton of comments, from users apparently running allegedly "pirated" copies of Windows XP. I say "allegedly" since I myself have encountered a situation where I lost a restore...
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