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Skype Gives Away SILK Codec - Has Wideband Telephony Finally Arrived?

Jonathan Christensen, General Manager, Audio & Video, Skype is keynoting at eComm and announced some major news today - namely that Skype is going to give away their signature SILK wideband audio codec (aka Super Duper Weenie Wideband Codec) in...

snom KlarVOICE Wideband VoIP Handset

Snom, the German VoIP handset manufacturer today announced that their wideband enabling technology called KlarVOICE is now available in the North American market. KlarVOICE, which can be adapted to all snom VoIP telephones, allows the capture of more than twice...

I Want My... I Want My Wideband Telephony

TMCnet columnist Rick Bye, senior segment marketing manager with Zarlink, has an excellent column today on TMCnet regarding wideband telephony aptly titled "Where Is My Wideband Telephony?". Rick opines, "While many consumer VoIP services have been phenomenally successful — many...
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