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Apple's iPod problematic install on Windows

Apple is known for having the most userfriendly experience in computing. I've always been a PC fan, even in the old 8086 and 80286 days before Windows even existed - DOS was my friend. My first experience with Apple was...

Windows XP SP2 Download - If you know where to look

Microsoft's XP Service Pack2 is out, but very hard to find on Microsoft's site. They probably did this on purpose to prevent an onslaught of people downloading the service pack. They want you to use Automatic Updates to "slowly" download...

Windows CE lab

I love Windows CE (use it for my car GPS), but if you think this operating system is used just in PocketPCs and Handheld PCs, you would be wrong. Here's an interesting video clip that demonstrates some cool Windows CE...

MovableType Trackback on Microsoft Windows IIS gives 404 error SOLVED!

I'm running MovableType on a Windows 2000 IIS server and noticed Trackback was giving 404 errors for Trackback urls such as Most MT users use Apache running on a Linux box and MT is only "unofficially" supported on Windows...
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