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Rovio Wi-Fi VoIP Robotic Webcam

The WowWee Rovio is a cool Wi-Fi enabled robotic webcam. I like to call Rovio a remote-controlled VoIP webcam sentry robot. The Rovio is pretty futuristic looking. It looks like it belongs on some sci-fi TV show or movie....

Interview with WowWee Robots CEO

Robocommunity has an interesting interview with WowWee CTO Davin Sufer. If you've been living under a rock, or perhaps you just don't have kids, then perhaps you're not familiar with WowWee robots. Heck, I have a daughter that is too...

It's Alive! Mini Robopet (Nice for the Stocking ...)

Robopet, the most advanced interactive pet ever, is now available in a four-inch wind-up Mini Robopet version. The perfect companion no matter where you go, the Mini Robopet has articulated legs, posable body and cool walking action. Simply wind him up and let...

Get A (Digital)Life: Yes, Next Week I Will

Celebrating all things digital, more than 40 companies will showcase the latest HD-DVDs, high-performance gaming devices, digital cameras, movie download services, ultimate mobile workstations, iPod accessories, universal remote controls and digital music keyboards at DigitalLife in New York at the...
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