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Creative Technology Sues Apple Over iPod

Who would ever think that the Wall Street Journal is must reading for real gadget guys and gals? (let's not use "gadget gurus" please)? Well, today's edition has a very interesting article about how Creative Technology (best known for...

'The Mossberg Solution': The Right Stuff

A couple (or more) blogs ago, I waxed philosophic about one of the great consumer electronics journalists, David Pogue of the New York Times. Now I may have been putting the cart before the horse, because the dean (if there...

Holiday Gift Shortages: Xbox 360 & iPods Top This Year's Model

Catching up with last week's papers, noticed a very interesting article in last Friday's Wall Street Journal ( on "why shortages of hot gifts endure as a Christmas ritual." The premise is that manufacturers don't mind running out of products...

That Was The Week That Was 11.11.05

Don’t know how many of you remember the great TV show “That Was The Week That Was” (also known as “TW3”).  Born on the BBC more than 40 years ago on November 24, 1962 (see for the whole story),...
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