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Yankees Cup Stolen!

Damn it all, my lucky 2000 Yankees World Series souvenir cup was stolen (similar to one on right). The large soda cup was from the first ever Subway Series World Series game against the New York Mets. The game was...

Beer and VoIP a great combination

Beer and VoIP go hand-in-hand like New York Yankee championships in October. lol! Bob McKenzie: "No way, hoser. You mean Red Sox."Doug McKenzie: "Take off, eh. Aaron Boone walk off home run against the Red Sox. That was beauty, eh!"...

New rootkit virus installs BitTorrent client to download movies

A new rootkit installs the P2P BitTorrent client and downloads movies to your hard drive. One of the initial movies downloaded via this new virus included Mr. Bean, which tops my "All-time Worst Movie ever Created" list. I hate Mr....

Yankees Red Sox Rivalry continues

Tonight, the continuing saga of the greatest rivalry in the history of sports continues between the Yankees and the Red Sox. The Yankees with their history and mystique and the Red Sox with a World Series under their belt and...

Ken Blanchard a man with wisdom

For Labor Day Weekend I spent time with my wife's godfather, Ken Blanchard, on one of the Finger Lakes in Skaneateles, New York. Many people know Ken Blanchard as the NY Times best-selling author/co-author of The One Minute Manager, The...

Red Sox or Yankees Evil Empire

Last night I watched the Yankees vs. Red Sox ALCS playoff game, including the pre-game on FOX. I enjoyed the Nomar, Goat Curse, and Bartman parody - it was pretty funny. But what really irked me about the pre-game was...
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