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Google Talk Adopts Jingle As Default VoIP Protocol

Google has adopted Jingle as the default protocol for Google Talk. Jingle is an extension of the XMPP which allows for peer-to-peer and session control (signalling) for multimedia interactions such as VoIP and videoconferencing.The protocol was developed by Google, Collabora,...

Sangoma Wins Frost & Sullivan Award

I'm a huge fan of Sangoma and their popular line of Asterisk-compatible analog and T1/E1 boards. They just plain work with no install hassles or IRQ issues. So it came as no surprise that Frost & Sullivan recently selected Sangoma...

Sangoma shipping the A102d dual port E1/T1/PRI Asterisk card

Sangoma Technologies Corporation, announced today that the A102d, a dual port E1/T1/PRI card with carrier-grade echo cancellation is now shipping. Although Sangoma's cards work on a variety of applications, the most popular is using Sangoma hardware on Asterisk PBX servers....

Windows-based open source Yate IP-PBX launches stable version

Yate is an open-source IP-PBX solution similiar to the open-source Asterisk solution, but unlike Asterisk which is primarily run on Linux, Yate was wrriten in C++ and therefore can be compiled to run both on Windows and Linux. I wrote...
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