AIMFight Takes Flight

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AIMFight Takes Flight

Even wonder how popular you really are? That is, how do you compare number-wise for the number of buddies you have on your AOL Buddy list vs. another person?

Well, AOL decided to let you know just how popular you are. Personally, I find this capability a bit intrusive. What if I don't want other people knowing how many buddies I have? I can see highschoolers picking on kids with too few buddies might force them to add fake buddies to their list just to be "cool". Anyway, here's AOL's news release about AIMFIGHT...

New Site Lets AOL® Members and AIM® Users Gauge Their Online Popularity, Compare Buddy List Ranking With Friends, Colleagues and AIM Users Everywhere

Dulles, VA July 18, 2005 Are you the social center of the online universe? Do you covet the pinging sound of popularity and importance? Today, American Online, Inc. and the AOL® Instant Messenger(TM) (AIM®) service unveiled a new Buddy List ranking feature and Web site that let users once and for all answer the burning question: "How Popular Am I?"

Live today, ( lets AOL® members and AIM® users see how connected they are to the online community at any given moment. By entering their AOL or AIM Screen Name, as well as that of a friend, users can square off against their buddies to see just how popular they really are, and compare Buddy List rank.

"For AIM users, the Buddy List feature is the most powerful social network of all and AIM Screen Names are an essential part of social identity. So the number of Buddy Lists they're on is a key indicator of their social prowess and people skills", said Chamath Palihapitiya, vice president and general manager for AIM and ICQ, America Online, Inc. "As one teenager recently told the Los Angeles Times, 'If you don't have AIM, you don't have friends.' "

When asked which musical artist they would most like to add to their AIM Buddy List and chat with in real time, members of the thriving AIM community picked recording artist Kelly Clarkson. Kelly Clarkson won the 'Best Musical Buddy' honor over a stellar list of performing artists who topped both the pop charts and AOL® Search's list of top musical queries.

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