Are Hackers Stealing your Data via Wireless WiFi Signals?

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Are Hackers Stealing your Data via Wireless WiFi Signals?

Until I read this "Stealth wallpaper keeps company secrets safe | New Scientist" article, the only way I knew of to block external access to WiFi signals was to line the building's walls with aluminium foil, and use special glass that absorbs radio waves in the windows. While this method ensures that all electromagnetic emissions are absorbed, it also blocks cellphone signals from getting through. No one is going to want to give up cell phone access in the name of security. Can you imagine the employee rebellion? (especially sales people who really rely on cell phones) So what to do?

Well, a company has come up with an interesting application of a military technology, a special wallpaper that can block WiFi signals from being picked up by hackers located outside of your house or corporate building. The technology is based on "stealth" technology that it uses to hide military radars. Cool!

Check out the full news story here:
Article: Stealth wallpaper keeps company secrets safe | New Scientist

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