AskMeNow Launches

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AskMeNow Launches

AskMeNow's AskAnything service is designed to answer just about any question for which the answer can be found on the Internet. The product reminds me of the TellMe service, which leverages the Internet and telephone network underneath a speech user interface. According to TellMe, over two million callers use their applications to obtain customer service, connect to a directory assistance listing, or check the latest sports scores.

AskMeNow appears to be a bit different in that it doesn't leverage speech recognition as far as I can tell. I believe they use customer agents to process your questions and send you back the results. According to AskMeNow, their product is "a mobile lifestyle that allows users to simply call or text any request for information from their mobile device, and receive exactly what they requested in moments – anywhere, any time".

Here's how it works...

  1. After you sign up, simply call (585) 419-0412 from your cell phone or BlackBerry handheld and ask your question.
  2. The detailed answer is text messaged to your cell phone (or e-mailed to your BlackBerry handheld) within moments.
According to AskMeNow, "our family friendly policy prevents us from answering questions that do not meet our editorial standards. We also can't answer multiple questions simultaneously (only one at a time) or in depth research questions." I guess asking any explicit sexual questions are out of the question.

Registered users can call (585) 419-0412 from their mobile phones to ask questions, and they claim that answers will be text messaged back to the phone within moments. AskMeNow also offers a downloadable application for registered users with most BlackBerry Handheld devices. The application can be obtained by visiting from your BlackBerry handheld browser. Users of the application can submit text based questions from their BlackBerry device.

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