Broadband Monopoly?

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Broadband Monopoly?

IPInferno brought an interesting news item to my attention. is claiming that deregulating broadband will kill independent ISPs and result in less competition. Obviously, with less broadband competition this could have quite a bearing on VoIP broadband service.

Check out IPInferno's site and also read this from

Bellsouth seeks DSL Monopoly on Monday December 20th filed comments (PDF) at the FCC in response to BellSouth's request to exclude independent ISPs from access to DSL. is very concerned that if BellSouth is allowed to re-monopolize the telecommunications market, and if SBC follows this precident, virtually all consumers in California will be left with just two choices for broadband: SBC/Yahoo or Comcast. While we don't anticipate that this would directly affect customers in the next few years, it could signifigantly impact the ongoing viability of independent Internet Service Providers. The California ISP Association also filed comments, as has the Federation of Internet Service Providers.

BellSouth's assertion is that because they already control over 90% of the broadband DSL access in their market area, this change will have little effect on the competetive landscape, and that this change will not harm consumers. If you feel that being forced to purchase broadband DSL only from the telephone company's own ISP would harm you as a consumer and would limit your choices, you can also file comments with the FCC. We will shortly be publishing more information about BellSouth's petition, and what you can do to help fight it.

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You may provide brief comments via a web form, or write a longer comment if you wish as a document which you can upload. Be sure to reference Proceeding 04-405 in the first box.

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