Disney World vacation

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Disney World vacation

Destinator GPS ipaq
Well, I'm off to Disney World in a couple of days. I leave on Tuesday and will be back the following Wednesday. I'll be packing some serious gadgetry for my trip, including the latest version of Destinator 3.0 GPS software for the iPaq (image above), Destinator GPS adaptor (powered via cigarette lighter) to use with the rental car, a laptop, a CompactFlash TeleType GPS card, one 512MB CF card, one 256MB CF card, a cell phone, and Microsoft Pocket Streets.

I like Microsoft Pocket Streets which comes included with MapPoint 2004, Streets & Trips 2004 and AutoRoute 2004.

Pocket Streets GPS ipaq I can simply "cut" a section of the U.S. map (in this case the Orlando area) and have a complete listing of gas stations, restaurants, and other POIs (points of interests).

The advantage of using PocketStreets in conjunction with the TeleType GPS CF GPS card over the Destinator GPS car unit, is that I can walk around with GPS access wherever I go. The Destinator software and the Destinator GPS car unit were strictly designed for car navigation.

I've used PocketStreets on the other hand to walk through Disney World and map my favorite coordinates, such as Space Mountain, Mission Space, water fountains (critical in the Florida heat), bathrooms, and other useful locations.

Heck, since I'm renting a car this time to Disney, I may program the rental car coordinates to be able to find my car quickly in the enormous parking lots! (that is if my wife doesn't get annoyed that I'm walking around staring at the iPaq trying to navigate my way!)

I'll post a post-Disney report when I return. Maybe I'll even post some cool Disney GPS coordinates.

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