FCC wants ala carte TV channels

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FCC wants ala carte TV channels

I heard on WABC talk radio this morning that the FCC wants cable companies to offer TV channels "a la carte" to give consumers more choice. Considering how harsh I was on the FCC's e911 requirements this morning, I have to commend the FCC on this one. I planned on blogging my thoughts on the FCC helping to bring more choice to the consumer, but Rich Tehrani beat me to it. Go check out Rich's blog post on TV channel ala carte. I'll just say I'm sick and tired of paying $55/month for cable TV and getting less channels than satellite and paying for channels I could care less about. According to the radio show, the FCC order is "non-binding" - it's more of a suggestion to the cable companies and even if the FCC makes it binding, the cable companies will fight this tooth and nail.

I've been pricing out satellite solutions for the past few days to switch over. The only reason I've been stalling this long is that I also have cable broadband (at a ridiculously expensive $39.99/month for 3Mbps) and didn't want to have to switch to DSL. Pain in the butt to change both your broadband provider and your TV provider at the same time. But the time has come. Cable companies have been robbing me blind for years and I'm not going to take it any more! Satellite & DSL here I come! B)

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