Glow in the Dark Cats

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Glow in the Dark Cats

glow in the dark catsglow in the dark cats
South Korean scientists have cloned three Turkish Angora cats that have the ability to glow-in-the dark when exposed to ultraviolet light. They modified the gene by inserting a virus into the skin cells of a mother cat and placing those cells into the womb, thus proving that it was possible to clone an animal with a manipulated gene.

The stated goal is for a better understanding of human genetic diseases, but this is a very slippery slope if you ask me and for multiple reasons.

For instance, how long before the trendoids start asking their local breeders for glow-in-the-dark cats? "Can I get a orange kitty that glows blue and a white kitty that glows red?"

Well, that crazy ole cat lady down the street will certainly have the brightest house in the neighborhood.

glow in the dark cats
[via NBC30]

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