Google Maps Beats a Ticket

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Google Maps Beats a Ticket

Google Maps came to the rescue of this guy in court and helped him beat the rap for “disobeying a steady red”, a.k.a. running a red light. The officer who issued the ticket told the judge that Edwin was driving down a one way street when he supposedly ran a red light. Edwin told the judge that this was incorrect - that it was in fact a two-way street. Who's a judge going to believe right?

Well, as luck would have it, Edwin pulled out his notebook, found a weak but usable WiFi connection, fired up Firefox, and loaded the Google Map page of the intersection in question. (screenshot). As seen by the Google Maps screenshot, it was indeed a one-way. The officer then stated that there was probably an error in Google Map's equation. So what did Edwin do? He took her challenge by displaying one of the most complex intersections in the U.S. - namely Times Square. The Google Maps accurately depicted with arrows the one-way streets and accurately depicted 42nd street as the only two-way. Case dismissed! Check out the full story from the horses mouth:

Gear Live | How Google Maps Got Me Out Of A Traffic Ticket

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