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Great Blogging tip for bloggers

Here's my great blogging tip of the day. It seems to me that pinging fails more often than not, which means people won't find my new blog posts as easily. I recently learned about a better site to ping.

Here's a link to a suggested "ping aggregator". It pings several of the top blog ping sites.
Ping-o-Matic! » MetaPinging
(exact link:

Some other important blog tips to live by...

Top 10 11 Blog Tips
1) Be opinionated.
2) More is less - don't be wordy
3) Link like crazy. If you link to others, they'll link back to you
4) Make your headlines catchy
5) Be witty/funny
6) Write lists (top 10 lists, Best of lists)
7) Write with passion
8) Use a consistent style
9) Use tons of keywords within your blog posts
10) Use graphics, sounds, and videos
11) Monitor the blogosphere (techmeme, technorati, digg, etc.)

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