Hilarious Bush Kerry "This Land" Shockwave video from JibJab

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Hilarious Bush Kerry "This Land" Shockwave video from JibJab

I was watching NBC News and heard about JibJab's hilarious political cartoon that makes some really funny jabs at both of them. So whether you are in the Bush camp or Kerry camp, you'll find this pretty fun due to it's even-handed ribbing of both.

I could not stop laughing. Good stuff!

Still image of the video
JibJab Bush Kerry Shockwave Video

The cartoon is located here:
JibJab Home Page
Unfortunately, the site is down due to tremendous bandwidth hits. It's sweeping the Internet right now - lots of people are forwarding emails discussing this video.

So I have a few solutions for you to view the JibJab Bush-Kerry shockwave file.
1) Use Google's cache and go here: (UPDATE: Google updated their cache, so now this just redirects to Atomfilms. Too bad since the Google cached version loaded pretty fast!)
2) You can try AtomFilms - but they too seem to be up & down.
3) http://albinoblacksheep.com/flash/thisland.php

Let me know in the Comments if you loved or hated this video.

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