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Technology and Science

Technology and Science

RTX LAN Cordless DUALphone supports GIPS

May 17, 2006

Palm Treo 700p review

May 14, 2006

Palm's Treo 700p, the heavily anticipated successor to the popular Palm Treo 650, launched on Monday. Speculation and rumors has surrounded the Palm Treo 700p as far as which features it would and would not support. For instance, speculation was running rampant as far as whether Sprint or Verizon would be the exclusive carrier or if both would support it. Let me put one bit of speculation to rest - both Sprint and Verizon will carry the Treo 700p.

Vatata P2P streaming

March 12, 2006

Vatata is a new end-to-end large-scale P2P streaming solution for publishing, delivering, and receiving streaming content. According to Vatatam "This platform is an open system completely based on the Internet. Its grid and P2P technology provide low-cost and clear delivery of content to millions of Internet users. Users can easily build their individual Internet radio stations or TV stations through Vatata."

The screenshot above is busier than New York's Hudson River Parkway on a Friday - during a rainstorn, soI'm guessing the author combined both English and Chinese words to demonstrate its features to both Chinese and Engliah web visitors.

NASA Cassini spacecraft discovers water on Saturn's moon Enceladus

March 9, 2006

Never thought I'd be linking to a political blog, but Drudge has a very interesting news story on NASA's Cassini spacecraft discovering water - and by implication "life" on a Saturn moon. Wow, life in our own little solar system? Here it is in Drudge's glorious font size. My blog feels and looks like the Drudge Report already.

Click: Now That's Total Control

February 10, 2006

You gotta love the premise of the Sony Pictures movie Click that opens in June -- that life can be controlled by a remote control, just like TV.  Adam Sandler (he can be very funny) operates that colorful and surprising simply laid out "Life Menu" remote (so few buttons! two in a row, four rows), pausing, rewinding and fast-forwarding as necessary to improve the quality of his life. Those close to him also apparently benefit too as evidenced by the “baseball catch” clip that aired during the Grammy Awards.

I’d rate this a “must watch” video or PPV choice, meaning don’t know if it’d be worth the multiple prices of admission at the local movie theater – not to mention the cost of the essential “King Kong”-size combo food snack.  (Doesn’t popcorn just taste better at the movie theater?)

Pentium Computer in a Dodge Viper?

January 9, 2006

Whoa! A computer inside a Viper? Yep, you read that right. An actual Pentium 4 computer inside a Viper. No big deal you say?

No HD DVD for Christmas This Year ...

December 13, 2005

If anyone was thinking about getting the truly latest innovation in home entertainment technology – a High-Definition DVD player – in time for the holidays, you needn't worry.

Toshiba has just announced that the planned year-end launch of its next-generation HD DVD players in Japan will be postponed because of copy protection issues.  The products are being delayed because all of the details for its copy protection management system -- called Advanced Access Content System (AACS) -- have not yet been finalized.

However, Toshiba is still planning a keep to its U.S. launch timetable – either February or March next year.  This coincides nicely with its rival -- Sony and the Blu-ray group -- which is planning to launch its competing format next spring.

Verizon Inflight Wireless Broadband

December 12, 2005

According to PRNewswire, "Verizon Airfone has made significant progress toward providing wireless broadband services for U.S. air travel. The announcement follows the FCC's establishment of rules for auctioning spectrum in the 800 MHz band dedicated to commercial air-to-ground telecommunication services. The FCC's action will enable the agency to auction spectrum licenses early in 2006 and puts Verizon Airfone one step closer to providing its customers with broadband services.

Ludicrous speed! 150 gigabits per second!

December 8, 2005

Intel new ultra-fast low power transistor

December 7, 2005

According to TMCnet, Intel Corporation today announced development of a new, ultra-fast, yet very low power prototype transistor using new materials "that could form the basis of its microprocessors and other logic products beginning in the second half of the next decade."

Intel and QinetiQ researchers have jointly demonstrated an enhancement-mode transistor using indium antimonide (chemical symbol: InSb) to conduct electrical current. Transistors control the flow of information/electrical current inside a chip. The prototype transistor is much faster and consumes less power than previously announced transistors. Intel anticipates using this new material to complement silicon, further extending Moore's Law.

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