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Technology and Science

MovableType Trackback on Microsoft Windows IIS gives 404 error SOLVED!

May 13, 2004

I'm running MovableType on a Windows 2000 IIS server and noticed Trackback was giving 404 errors for Trackback urls such as

Most MT users use Apache running on a Linux box and MT is only "unofficially" supported on Windows IIS --- if you know where to look. I had to install ActiveState's Perl on the IIS server along with a database engine and a few other tricks.

In any event, I spent the latter half of yesterday after returning from Disney trying to get the Trackback feature to work. I found lots of other Windows IIS MovableType users experiencing the same problem.

Disney World vacation

May 3, 2004

Well, I'm off to Disney World in a couple of days. I leave on Tuesday and will be back the following Wednesday. I'll be packing some serious gadgetry for my trip, including the latest version of Destinator 3.0 GPS software for the iPaq (image above), Destinator GPS adaptor (powered via cigarette lighter) to use with the rental car, a laptop, a CompactFlash TeleType GPS card, one 512MB CF card, one 256MB CF card, a cell phone, and Microsoft Pocket Streets.

I like Microsoft Pocket Streets which comes included with MapPoint 2004, Streets & Trips 2004 and AutoRoute 2004.

Google goes after Hotmail

April 1, 2004

Wow, as a "free" Hotmail user myself, I was shocked to learn that Google is launching a "free" email service of its own that puts Hotmail's 2mb "free" limit to shame! No more deleting spam email on Hotmail every 30 minutes just so I can receive more email. You ever wonder if Microsoft purposely fills the spam folder or sells our hotmail addresses? ok, maybe that's just conspiracy talk.

Google's redesign

March 31, 2004

Well, you probably noticed Google changed its look by now. Although, it took some convincing to prove to a co-worker of mine that Google did indeed change its look. What seemed obvious to me wasn’t to him. I guess it helped that Google kept the same clean look and feel.


March 27, 2004

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