Intel new ultra-fast low power transistor

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Intel new ultra-fast low power transistor

According to TMCnet, Intel Corporation today announced development of a new, ultra-fast, yet very low power prototype transistor using new materials "that could form the basis of its microprocessors and other logic products beginning in the second half of the next decade."

Intel and QinetiQ researchers have jointly demonstrated an enhancement-mode transistor using indium antimonide (chemical symbol: InSb) to conduct electrical current. Transistors control the flow of information/electrical current inside a chip. The prototype transistor is much faster and consumes less power than previously announced transistors. Intel anticipates using this new material to complement silicon, further extending Moore's Law.

The transistor is expected to have less heat as well. Boy, if only Intel invented this technology 6 months ago before Microsoft decided to ditch Intel chips in favor of IBM's PowerPC chips then maybe all the XBox 360 overheating issues wouldn't exist.

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