Lowering Screen Resolution = You're Getting Old

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Lowering Screen Resolution = You're Getting Old

According to a recent study done by TPK Research, Inc., as computer users get older their near vision and ability to focus begins to decline, forcing computer users to change from their favorite higher screen resolutions to lower screen resolutions. The lower screen resolutions result in larger text and graphics that are easier to read and less strain on aging eyes.

Although I am far-sighted (not near sighted), lately even my near vision has gotten weaker. I recently downgraded my 21" flat screen monitor from 1600x1200 down to 1280x1024. Although I can see the text better at this resolution, I much prefer the 1600x1200 resolution because I typically have anywhere from 10-20 Firefox tabs open, 10-20 Avant Browser (uses Internet Explorer engine) tabs, Adobe Photoshop, Skype, various other IM/VoIP applications, and other apps open. My taskbar is crammed with many open applications, so the higher resolutions are able to more easily fit more application icons without them being these useless teensy-weensy icons that I unfortunately now have at my lower resolution.

Ah well, guess I'm getting old. Maybe I'll go for that Lasik surgery...

p.s. TPK Research, Inc. is me - TPK is my initials. What, you doubt my research?

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