No HD DVD for Christmas This Year ...

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No HD DVD for Christmas This Year ...

If anyone was thinking about getting the truly latest innovation in home entertainment technology – a High-Definition DVD player – in time for the holidays, you needn't worry.

Toshiba has just announced that the planned year-end launch of its next-generation HD DVD players in Japan will be postponed because of copy protection issues.  The products are being delayed because all of the details for its copy protection management system -- called Advanced Access Content System (AACS) -- have not yet been finalized.

However, Toshiba is still planning a keep to its U.S. launch timetable – either February or March next year.  This coincides nicely with its rival -- Sony and the Blu-ray group -- which is planning to launch its competing format next spring.

Let the format wars begin!  (Oh wait, need to save that line for a spring blog …)

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