Palm TX and Palm Z22 handhelds

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Palm TX and Palm Z22 handhelds

Palm z22Palm TX
Palm launched their TX and the Z22 handhelds today. The Palm Z22 is an especially affordable PDA at just under the $100 mark ($99). (The Palm TX is $299.) It also appears that Palm dropped the names Zire and Tungsten. The Palm TX is targeted at mobile professionals and includes a large display, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Palm Z22 organizer is Palm’s first $99 color organizer for the mass market, but personally I am underwhelmed. I prefer a more expensive converged device with more features since it means one less device to carry around.

A $99 cheapo handheld sounds like something parents would give their kid for Christmas because their son or daughter requested a color handheld -- only to be disappointed that it doesn't have all the features they want. The Palm TX seems interesting though, but you really have to wonder if Palm's heart - especially the Palm engineers' hearts - is really into making new innovative handheld devices considering they've now decided to offer Palm devices running Windows Mobile.

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