ParkerVision RF Power Amplifier

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ParkerVision RF Power Amplifier

Interesting, just got a press release from Keating & Co. Gee, I must have sent the release to myself. Actually, there is no relation between myself and Keating & Co. nor am I related to the governor of Oklahoma (Frank Keating) or the infamous Charles Keating (Keating Five).

Anyway, the email contained some info that claims low cost RF power amplifiers with better efficiency and that can be used in such applications as WiFi, VoIP, and more.

Here's the abridged/edited email:

Yesterday, ParkerVision, Inc (NASDAQ: PRKR) of Jacksonville, FL, announced a revolutionary new RF Power Amplifier product line that reduces mobile communications transmitter power consumption by 50% to 80% while extending talk times by up to 400%. As a result, ParkerVision was the third most active share traded on the NASDAQ yesterday rising by 31%.

ParkerVision’s unique architecture enables low cost RF power amplifiers to be manufactured as common silicon semiconductors totally eliminating the need for traditional transmitter hardware. This process means that OEMs can achieve significant economies of scale, higher yields, physical reductions in product size, greater product performance and improved reliability.

ParkerVision’s power amplifiers significantly extend battery life in mobile wireless RF products and help designers improve cost and size by reducing the physical size of the battery.
In certain applications, such as Wi-Fi, ParkerVision’s power amplifiers provide greater RF transmitted power than is currently available in the market today; permitting manufacturers to offer networking gear that delivers higher data rates at greater distances, with significantly increased coverage and reliability.

The initial product line is designed for use in cell phones, cordless phones and for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and VoIP products and applications.

Keating & Co. - PR for ParkerVision (NASDAQ: PRKR)

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