Photo License Plate, Tow Car, Get Delinquent Taxes

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Photo License Plate, Tow Car, Get Delinquent Taxes

According to CNN, it looks like my home state, Connecticut, is employing technology to snare car propery tax delinquents. City marshals in cash-strapped New Haven are armed with a tool called BootFinder that photographs auto license plates and instantly matches them against a tax scofflaw database. Once they have a match they tow the car away - doesn't matter if it's sitting in your driveway or a Walmart parking lot. I always pay my taxes, but this technology has some scary implications.

What really surprised me from the CNN article I read about this is, "Connecticut is among a handful of states where local governments levy annual fees, typically a few hundred dollars per vehicle, based on the value of residents' automobiles."

You mean to tell me that not all of the U.S. states charge property taxes on cars? And Connecticut is only "amoung a handful" of states that do? That surprises me. I would have figured it was more the rule than the exception.

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