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Roadpost and Blackberry

I meant to share this interesting news release a few days ago. As a Blackberry fan, this is good news for International travellers.

Roadpost Launches Full-Functional International Blackberry Short- and Long-Term Rental Services

Highly flexible and affordable new service creates seamless delivery of full range of BlackBerry voice and data services for travellers

Toronto, ON (November 8, 2004) – Roadpost Inc., a leader of global voice and data communications solutions for the international traveller, is pleased to announce the availability of a new range of short- and long-term international rental services for RIM (Research In Motion) BlackBerry services. This new offering from Roadpost is one of the most flexible and comprehensive in the market, providing existing BlackBerry users seamless delivery of unlimited roaming data services for over 55 countries and voice services for more than 200 countries at significantly less cost than other options. Among other innovations, Roadpost is the only provider to bundle unlimited data into its rental solutions.

"This is a significant breakthrough for the international traveller," says Morris Shawn, president and CEO of Roadpost. "No longer are they forced to enter long-term agreements for GSM devices – or rent voice-only devices with only limited functionality for overseas travel. Instead, they can have full BlackBerry functionality for the short- or long-term. No other supplier can offer this combination of BlackBerry functionality, coverage, competitive rates, flexibility of terms and support services. With the BlackBerry bundles we offer, we have put control back in the users' hands."

Unlike most other international BlackBerry services that charge on a per megabyte basis, Roadpost charges a flat daily fee for unlimited data usage. Long-term rental customers are not charged for days when the device is not in use, since Roadpost provides the option to turn data functionality on or off via a web-based gateway. Voice services are based on Roadpost’s highly competitive oneRoam World basic rates. This flexibility allows users to rent on a short or long-term basis, while maintaining communications with their enterprise server. It also allows organizations to maintain BlackBerry pools for multiple users, since units can be deactivated when not in use to reduce costs.

"It's an 'always on' solution," says Shawn. "Travellers can access their email any time without having to worry about the amount of data coming in or unexpected expenses. Added to that is our comprehensive 7/24 support, and services to help the business traveller get up and running - including personalized email and business cards to send contact information while travelling. Not to mention that Roadpost offers the broadest country coverage than just about any other service provider. This new offering is just another example of how Roadpost leads the industry in understanding the international market and needs of the business traveller."

The Blackberry short-term rental package includes: a voice-enabled BlackBerry 7320 with all accessories, rental fees at $129 (US) for the first week and $10 (US) for each additional day, unlimited roaming data, optional loss/theft/damage insurance, and voice calls at standard rental rates. Roadpost also provides free 24/7 technical support for its international BlackBerry device.

Long-term rental packages are available for $249 (US) for the first month and $10 (US) for each subsequent month, plus $6 (US) per day for unlimited data. This package also includes a Web-based gateway to allow customers to activate/deactivate data services.

Roadpost's service portfolio also includes a variety of rental and subscription packages for international cellular, satellite and worldwide internet services.

About Roadpost Inc.
Founded in 1991, Roadpost ( provides customized global communications solutions to individuals and corporations. The company's comprehensive portfolio includes International Cellular, International BlackBerry, Iridium satellite, Thuraya satellite and Remote Internet Access communications services providing complete global coverage, no matter where the destination. Alliances with industry leaders such as mmO2, Transatel, Swisscom, Telecom Italia Mobile, TIM Hellas, Vodafone Bell Mobility, Telus Mobility, Iridium, GoRemote Communications, Motorola and Nokia allow Roadpost to deliver reliable and secure communications with the largest network of worldwide coverage. In addition, affiliations with loyalty programs American Airlines Aadvantage, Aeroplan® and United® Mileage Plus provide customers with an opportunity to earn loyalty points when using Roadpost’s services.

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