The Grinch Discovers Top Trends in Networking for 2008

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The Grinch Discovers Top Trends in Networking for 2008

Steve Brown over at Network Observer has an interesting list of the top networking trends for 2008. One very notable "trend" is the "blurring of Business and Personal Application Demands on IT". Steve explains, "While the blurring of personal and business applications began with the Blackberry and iPod, the trend will accelerate as employees use new hybrid devices like the iPhone. Although some of these devices can be used in business, they can present new security risks and network use implications that will need to be considered."

GrinchAs CTO for TMC in charge of our network, I definitely have seen a huge increase in the amount of bandwidth sucked up by non-business applications - not to mention the increased risk of virus exposure from devices brought into my beautiful pristine network.

You know what, I say ban the iPhone! Ban the iPod! Ban Gmail, Hotmail, ban streaming video, YouTube, BitTorrent, and all the rest of the personal bandwidth hogging applications. Heck, ban everything! Bwah-ha-ha!

Sorry, got a little carried away. Must have watched the The Grinch Who Stole Christmas one too many times. Don't worry, my CTO "Grinch" heart that is two sizes too small will become three sizes bigger from the Christmas spirit.

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