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Vatata P2P streaming

Vatata is a new end-to-end large-scale P2P streaming solution for publishing, delivering, and receiving streaming content. According to Vatatam "This platform is an open system completely based on the Internet. Its grid and P2P technology provide low-cost and clear delivery of content to millions of Internet users. Users can easily build their individual Internet radio stations or TV stations through Vatata."

The screenshot above is busier than New York's Hudson River Parkway on a Friday - during a rainstorn, soI'm guessing the author combined both English and Chinese words to demonstrate its features to both Chinese and Engliah web visitors. The author should have done separate English and Chinese screenshots for clarity, but nevertheless I aml intriqued with the features of Vatata.

Essentially, Vatata provides receiver software for audiences who can watch or listen to streaming contents on Vatata's grid network. It requires both a server piece and a client piece- both of which are available on Linux and Windows. Accordin to Vatata, "Each playing streaming requires about 50MB memory. Vatata server requires on IP address and limited band width and each streaming occupies one certain broadcast port. Usually, Vatata server only needs 8-10 times the band width of played streaming contents, which guarantees the contents being watched by millions of users at the same time. Users can build their own internet radio or TV stations simply through ADSL." Vatata supports WMV/WMA/ASF streaming formats and MMS streaming.

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