WiMAX Meet DirecTV

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WiMAX Meet DirecTV

Wow, just came across this blog post "DIRECTV EYEING WIMAX FOR BROADBAND RETURN PATH CONTENT FROM SUBSCRIBERS" on Russell Shaw's Streaming Media blog where Russell states that satellite carriers are looking into using WiMAX instead of dial-up for the "return path".

As you may or may not know, broadband Internet satellite requires a phone line for transmitting where you're going on the Internet. Typically it's a slow dial-up connection that transmits which URLs (upstream/return-path) you are trying to get to, and then the satellite "beams" (downstream) the web page you wish to view.

But this got me wondering... If you can use WiMAX for the "upstream" bandwidth, why not just use WiMAX for the downstream as well? WiMAX providers could "cut" the satellite providers "in the middle" and take the revenue for themselves. Maybe I'm missing something here...

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