University of California Berkeley selects Interactive Intelligence

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University of California Berkeley selects Interactive Intelligence

University of California, Berkeley has chosen a unified communications software from Interactive Intelligence, namely Communité to replace their aging voicemail system. I have just one question about this press release. Why did UC of Berkeley only replace their voicemail and not their entire PBX infrastructure with Interactive Intelligence's powerful IP-based PBX?

Just think of the millions of dollars saved each year if they utilized Interactive Intelligence's VoIP features -- which UC of Berkeley could have then used to fund anti-war protests, prove that Bush stole the 2004 election, that the CIA is pushing crack conspiracy, invite and pay for controvesial speakers such as Professor Ward Churchill that stated that the World Trade Center workers were "little Eichmanns" and other outlandish claims.

Can you tell I'm a huge UC of Berkeley fan? <sarcasm>

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