Applied Global Technologies - Best Kept Cloud Video Conferencing Secret?

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Applied Global Technologies - Best Kept Cloud Video Conferencing Secret?

At ITEXPO I met with Applied Global Technologies (AGT), which was founded in the early 1990s, making it one of the oldest video conferencing solutions on the market, even if it isn't very well known. AGT offers managed video services and cloud video services that can be white labelled by service providers. They mentioned Level3 whitelabels their solution, as well as AT&T.

They currently support 720p resolution with support for mobile, Mac, PC, Polycom. H.264, SIP, H.323 and they're working on WebRTC.

They mentioned they can easily whitelabel the mobile apps – just change logo and Apple approves it typically in in just 3 days or so. According to AGT, it takes 4MB/s of bandwidth for Skype for a 4-way videoconference while AGT's solution is just 1MB/s even if 15 people on the video call.

They support H.239 for desktop sharing and use SSL port 443 to solve NAT issues. There are many cloud-based video solutions such as Bluejean Networks, Vidtel, and others, so I'd be interested to see how they compare. Perhaps I'll do a comparative review at some point.

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