SightSpeed Now Available on Linux and Dell Netbooks

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SightSpeed Now Available on Linux and Dell Netbooks

SightSpeed today announced that its video and voice communications software is now available on Linux-based "netbook" (mini-notebook) PCs.  Dell Video Chat powered by SightSpeed will come pre-installed on the Linux build of Dell's newly-launched Inspiron Mini 9 device. Dell Video Chat, Windows version, is also pre-installed on the Windows XP version of the Mini 9. SightSpeed works on Macs, Windows, and now Linux and it is currently the the only multi-party video software to walk on all three major operating systems.

Dell pre-installs Ubuntu, a popular Linux distribution on the Mini 9, as well as Windows. With SightSpeed pre-installed as well on these popular Dell netbooks, Sightspeed will certainly increase the number of subscribers. In fact, Sightspeed has their software launch icon in a prime location, which will not doubt entice users to check it out. Another key advantage of Sightspeed is that it can do 4-way video and even 9-way video, while most competitors (i.e. Skype) are limited to just 2-way video.

SightSpeed informed me that a standalone installer for other Linux distributions is in the works, but for now if you want the Linux-version of SightSpeed, you'll need to buy a Dell Mini 9 with Ubuntu.

"We know the specifications of the camera, speakers and microphones that are going into these new netbooks, and so we've optimized the factory version to take full advantage of them," says SightSpeed CEO Peter Csathy. "As a result, SightSpeed's best-in-class video and voice services have never been easier to use - the user is up, running and can make video and voice calls in less than 30 seconds."

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