AOL BigDownload Indeed!

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AOL BigDownload Indeed!

tn_70_box.jpgAOL has introduced its newest online gaming site,, moving to expand its niche audience and boost targeted ad revenue. The addition to AOL's smaller is a joint venture with Weblogs, an information-based Internet company.

WIth 700 downloadable files, the site includes 100 full games and 600 teasers, along with game-related news. An additional 50 to 100 new files will be added to the site each month, according to sources

Unlike its main competitor, Yahoo! Games, BigDownload will not require customers go through a registration process before they start downloading gaming content. (Yeah! )

Instead, the site remains fully ad-driven, with advertising customized to individual games and online events. (Boo! ) But somebody has to pay for all of this sometime or other.

And how about that top download!

Read more about it at Crain's New York.

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