Best Buy Blows Guitar Hero WT Launch

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Best Buy Blows Guitar Hero WT Launch

you-are-stupid-tee-shirt.jpgToo bad, but Best Buy really blew it with the launch of Guitar Hero World Tour.

We were very excited to be notified that we could pre-order the little ditty a few weeks ago, but were not happy that we were not given the option to pick it up in the store.

Instead, we shelled out some more money so they could send it to us directly. And not a bad idea to save a trip to the store with the price of gas ...

Anyway, was in the neighborhood of Best Buy yesterday so decided to pick up The Shining DVD -- one of my all time best movies -- and still scary after all these years.

So what do I see when I'm checking out? Boxes and boxes of Guitar Hero World Tour.  Not happy that I've preordered this when I could have just walked in and bought it, I got really unhappy when the Best Buy email arrived today to say that shipping of my preordered one would be delayed one to two weeks, but I could call about store pickup instead. 

So I called? And guess what, it's sold out in all of my local stores -- what a surprise! And of course there is nothing they can do about it.    

Talk about stupid!

So now I'm waiting longer and I've gone from a happy customer to an unhappy customer to a fumin' mad customer ...

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