Cheaters Never Prosper

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Cheaters Never Prosper

Finally made it through the Washington Post article about a self-described "professional cheater" -- as in video game cheater.

Let's go to the source for a taste of what this article is all about:

Today's video games are anything but easy, the 24-year-old will tell you. And to get through the intricate, challenging, mind-numbing levels of City of Heroes and The Godfather, two games he's currently stuck on, he needs help.

Web sites such as provide gamers with tips, tricks, tutorials and outright cheating strategies for games. Magazines such as Tips & Tricks, boast of their "Cheat Code Blowout!" Or 150-page strategy guides, the Cliffs Notes of gamers, last year drew $67 million in sales, according to the NPD Group.

... Or how about, a Wikipedia for the gaming set?

Does anybody out there use these sites -- or do you play strictly by the book?

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