G10l.com: First Global Virtual Soccer Game Championship

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G10l.com: First Global Virtual Soccer Game Championship

If you love to play soccer, then G10L.com is for you!  The free web site invites soccer players and fans from all corners of the globe, including the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Russia, the U.S., Brazil, Argentina, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Australia, Kenya and South Africa, to lead their teams to the finals of the world cup championship.

The G10L.COM website is a free sports web portal with an innovative and uniquely new concept in the field of online gaming. This next-generation multi-player web game enables players from around the world to unite under one team and play as one community against other communities.

It’s free to play. Every player entering the site creates a new team or joins an existing team.  Weekly and monthly prizes are awarded, with the first prize being the popular Sony PlayStation game consoles. In my first few games (0-3-1 record) it took a while to get the hang of defense (especially) and thought my goalie could have done a better job (win as a team, lose as a team ...)

Now if there was some aerobic exercise too …

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