MatchMaster: Beckham's Electronic Soccer Game

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MatchMaster: Beckham's Electronic Soccer Game

matchmasterbeckhamsoccergame.jpgWell, you may never bend it like David Beckham, but his little MatchMaster electronic soccer game let's you practice, train and eat properly to get you well on your virtual way.

Sort of like an updated and totally sports-obsessed Tamagotchi, it's an interactive handheld game (even down to very small hands) that let's you live the life of a soccer star -- and no, it's not all glamour and glory!

MatchMaster will test your ability to develop your gadget's expertise by managing its daily schedule. Each player can test their gadget's ability by playing matches against other MatchMasters.

Each MatchMaster will have its own life table. Each life table has six 
and will need to be developed and maintained on a daily basis.
If you look after your lifelines correctly, the MatchMaster will develop into a stronger gadget.

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