More of Us Will Be Living in a 3D Virtual World

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More of Us Will Be Living in a 3D Virtual World

3d virtual world creations.jpgAn increasing number of industry players will help push 3D virtual worlds into a sustainable industry, reaching 33 million registered users by 2013, according to Virtual Worlds: the Internet of Avatars.

This new report from Parks Associates details the evolution of the virtual world value chain, which has added a variety of different companies and providers in its relatively short period of existence.

3D virtual world platform companies, world operators and full-service agencies form the core of the virtual world ecosystem, providing services to consumers, media companies, advertisers and enterprises.

However, content and application developers and service providers are becoming increasingly important.

Parks Associates will distribute a free whitepaper titled "Virtual Worlds and Social Media" at the Virtual Worlds London conference, October 20-21.

So, will Second Life have a second life?

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