See All the IP Devices at Home?

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See All the IP Devices at Home?

Can you believe that shipments of Internet-Protocol (IP)-enabled consumer electronics reached 64 million units in 2007 -- a growth of more than 70%?

trojanhorse.jpegHowever, the market continues to be dominated by Internet-enabled video game consoles.

While many of these game console IP interfaces remain unconnected, the enormous developing installed base represents a "Trojan horse" with enormous potential for online gaming, music and video downloads as well as for a variety of Internet-based value-added services.

Already, in late 2007 Activision announced that more than 2 million songs associated with Guitar Hero were accessed through Xbox Live over the previous five months.  

All this comes from MultiMedia Intelligence. And there's much more to delve into to see where this is all going. 

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