Sony PS3 haters video

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Sony PS3 haters video

Boy, Sony PS3 is really having a tough time! After the disastrous U.S. launch, PS3 users stealing and killing each other for the high-demand console, >$3000 prices on eBay at the U.S. launch, and the Wii and XBox 360 outselling the PS3 -- the PS3 continues its downward spiral. The grey market prices for PS3s has dropped dramatically and now Sony has caused a firestorm of controversy by announcing they are removing the Emotion Engine chip and using software emulation instead - to save $27 on each console. Sony is losing $241.35 for the 20GB model and $306.85 for the higher-end 60GB model.

By contrast, the XBox 360 loses about $75/console. So in an effort to save costs, Sony in a bone-head move has changed the hardware specs, giving more fuel for the XBox 360 and Wii fanboys, and all the other PS3-haters.

This brings me to this hilarious video clip hating on the Sony PS3 and loving on the XBox 360. Good stuff!


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