Epson Takes TV to the Edge

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Epson Takes TV to the Edge

Epson's upcoming high-resolution displays, featuring something called "Photo Fine Vistarich technology" produce crisp, beautiful images even when viewed from a sharp angle — up to 180 degrees from the top, bottom, left, and right — with hardly any changes in contrast or color. (Yes, you read correctly.)

What does this make possible?

  • Clear pictures for viewers of in-car entertainment systems even when they are not sitting directly in front of the screen.
  • Digital camera users will be able to preview the images they are shooting in true to-life colors while holding the camera above their heads.
  • Users of multifunction mobile devices will be able to enjoy moving pictures, such as movies and sports broadcasts, from virtually any angle.

Behind Photo Fine Vistarich's broad viewing angle is advanced technology that gives contrast ratios of more than 100:1 from ±80 degrees (500:1 when viewed head on). Conventional LCDs have contrast ratios from ±80 degrees that are usually only 10:1.

You can read all of the technical details on the Epson site.

Personally, I can' wait to see what these look like!


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