Is It Time for 3D TV?

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Is It Time for 3D TV?

escher images.jpeg With such television makers as Samsung and Panasonic unveiling flat-screen sets that are capable of displaying 3-D content, the format is widely considered the next leap forward in TV technology.

So far, 3-D programming has been about stunts and gimmicks rather than an earnest play to engage viewers on a deeper level. With growing competition from other media, however, it may be time for the television industry to push forward with 3-D.

The technological advances are the necessary foundation that network programmers need before they invest more in 3-D.

As consumers invest in televisions that can handle 3-D content -- either over-the-air or through Blu-ray players -- networks in turn will have an incentive to invest in both producing and broadcasting content in 3-D.

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