LCD Still Moving, but Is a Slowdown Ahead?

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LCD Still Moving, but Is a Slowdown Ahead?

300px-LCD_layers.svg.png LCD TV sales grew 25% quarter-to-quarter in Q2, according to Quixel Research in its LCD TV Market Review. The growth was attributed to the availability of more screen sizes with less emphasis on 1080p models.

While unit sales for the 32-inch and 40- to 42-inch screen size segments were up 22% and 26%, respectively, the new 19W and 22W models launched in the second quarter showed the most dramatic growth. Unit sales for the 19W segment increased 121% quarter-to-quarter, while the 22W segment was up 262% for the same time period.

More sales equals more revenue to the tune of $5.5 billion in Q2 compared to $4.9 billion in Q1, according to the review.

Sales of small- and mid-sized LCDs increased 30% for 720p models, while sales of 1080p models were up 33%.

But can these strong sales figures be maintained as the economy sucks the once extra dollars out of consumers' pockets into staples like food, shelter and transportation?

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