NEC Monitors Are a Joy to Behold

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NEC Monitors Are a Joy to Behold

Desktop flat-panel monitors have been the rage, and if you're thinking it's now time to move up substantially from the standard 15-inch variety to something better, then look no further than NEC's excellent new 19-inch 1940CX MultiSync LCD monitor.

Recently introduced as a new "consumer" model along with the 17-inch 1740CX (previewed at DigitalLife 2005), the black 1940CX had the whole family mesmerized -- from word processing and online shopping to PC gaming and even online gaming (athough NEC has other special new monitors for those freaks!) -- we were all impressed with the crispness, clarity and so fast 8 milliesecond response time of the 1940CX.

Controls are designed to be easy-to-read and use, and the On-Screen Manager (OSM) provides simple to understand menus. Other really useful features include:
• No Touch Auto Adjust reduces setup time and provides optimal image settings upon initial
power-on -- no fooling around with setup CDs or driver installation
• Ambix® dual-input technology for digital/analog compatibility with upgraded video cards
and software
• Low power consumption reduces electrical costs and lowers total cost of ownership
• Built-in power supply allows for easy mounting of the display
• Wall/arm mounting capability adds flexibility and comfort, while freeing up valuable desktop space

NEC calls these "performance displays at value prices," and they are definitely worth the price of admission.  With monitors, like so many other things in the gadget world (and life in general), you get what you pay for.  In this case, seeing is believing and these are a pleasure to behold.

Estimated street prices are: $399.99 for the 19-inch 1940CX; $299.99 for the 17-inch 1740CX.

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