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Old School Old Tube

The one thing we don't think about too much in the world of gadgets is that gadgets do come and go -- some very fast and some very slow.

Piece in the New York Times got me into this nostalgic state; article is on the soon to be disappearing cathode ray tube from TV sets in America and around the world, too.

(Cut-away photograph courtesy of a fun place to visit ---www.sciencemuseum.org.uk.)

Now some of you may not remember, but I am sure many of you do remember that big old thing sticking out from beyond the TV set in the living room; that was the most visible part of the cathode ray tube.

(CRT to those into initials.)


CRTs also made our computer monitors look so massive; amazing with technology can do!)

Easy to see this near death coming with the explosion and steady sales of flat-panel TVs, which obviously take up less space on a desktop (and look cooler -- you know cooler does count in gadgets.)

Any thoughts on other gadgets soon to be on their way out ...

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