Seeing 3D at the NBA All-Star Game

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Seeing 3D at the NBA All-Star Game

When the NBA All-Star Game and its weekend-long festivities take place in Las Vegas starting today it will mark the first time the game will be held in a city without an NBA franchise.

But it will also mark another first: the world's first live 3D HD production for a live sporting event, offering viewers around Las Vegas at viewing parties a chance to experience an NBA telecast like never before.

With the help of PACE, the same developer of the 3D technology being used by James Cameron, a special production fly-pack, and a lot of faith in new technology the NBA is laying the groundwork for a technology that could give fans who can't snag a ticket to an NBA Finals game a chance to catch the action at a digital cinema or arena.

That will give those venue owners a boost and give us fans a real treat if we can't be at the game ourselves.

Wonder when this technology will make it into the home? In the meantime, will Nate Robinson defend his Slam Dunk championship? What's he going to do to top last year's sick dunk over Spud Webb?

Thanks to the Sports Video Group ( for the scoop.


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