The (Video) Eyes Have It

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The (Video) Eyes Have It

Remember when video eyewear looked like huge black things right out of a 1950's horror movie? You know what I mean -- really large, really noticeable and really strange.

(Who would wear these things?)

Now we are finally starting to see the introduction of video eyewear that is almost three times lighter. And while it stills looks a bit outer spacey, it's a heck of a lot less noticeble.

You might even say it's a bit like designer sunglasses, but with a strong hint of geek added to the mix.

However, many gadgeteers don't know about the existence of such video eyewear and their various uses. Moreover, even when those interested are aware of the product, it's not easy to choose the right one due to the difficulty in correctly assessing all of the product specifications.

(That holds true for any gadget.)

Ideally, before purchasing a pair, try them on and do a live test run.

Seeing is believing.

The new generation video eyewear has a number of other important advantages aside from less weight:

  • Virtual screen has increased in size -- almost 4.5 feet at a distance of 6 feet
  • VGA resolution is higher than any home analog TV can provide
  • More mobile video content
  • Mobile telephones with a TV-out function, such as the new Nokia N93

With all of this in mind, the relaxView 4.0 weighs less than 3 ounces and includes simple adjustments of the nose support to optimize comfort levels. Another advantage is that the smaller size let's you see your "real" reality by focusing either above and below the video screen. (Sort of like bi-focals.)

Price: Approx. $595 (direct)

Calling all gamers (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)!


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